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PanGastRo is the Association of Specialists in the Romanian Baking and Food Service Industry, an independent and non-profit organization acting in the interest of specialists and companies working on the baking market, both in Romania and in the European Union.


The goal of the association is to support, represent and promote the economic and organizational objectives of its target community and also to optimize the information traffic in the areas of bakery, food service, hospitality and catering services.


To achieve its objectives, PanGastRo Association carries out numerous activities:
- Initiates and supports various programs in order to attract the interest of specialists and entrepreneurs working in bakeries, hospitality and food service units;
- Organizes conferences, fairs, exhibitions and other forms information in the target areas;
- Organizes competitions and contests for the specialists in the targeted areas;
- Organizes training programs for workers and leaders in the field;
- Supports the exchange of information, experiences and know-how between experts in the field;
- Organizes courses of technical and vocational training;
- Conducts market researches and collects relevant information about the targeted market;
- Informs its targeted audience via electronic and printed promoting ways;


- We are the organizers of "GastroPan Competitions", promoting trades of baker, confectioner and chef, and also the products made by these specialists;
- We support various activities and programs on the occasion of the World Day of Bread, celebrated each year on October 16;
- We organize practical seminars under the name of "Bakers Academy", with the aim of developing skills and know-how of bakers and confectionery;
- We organize cake decorating and sugar craft courses for confectioners intending to learn new royal icing and marzipan modeling techniques and to explore their creativity.
- We Organize Fruit and Vegetable Sculpting specialized courses;
- We organize "Grillage" courses for specialists who intend to learn how to create artistic pieces out of melted sugar.


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